Lodge Breadalbane St Fillan News


Old Cemetery Project



The clearing of trees shrubs and strimming of the grass has progressed slowly during the past year. The wait for the wonderful display of snowdrops and daffodils to finish before starting any work unfortunately co-insided with a good spell of weather but that’s nature for you, and the summer days were not so dry. The trees which have been dropped have opened up around two thirds of the area and we will be seeking assistance from the Parks Department as to how new growth can be halted. The grass is altogether another matter as over the years a deep bed of decayed mulch has mounted up, which is mostly wet and unstable. A few cuts and careful raking has made an improvement and about a third of the cemetery has been trimmed to a manageable level. In doing the clearing up there have been a number of old grave stones found covered in around 100mm of decayed material, one of which has the profile of a figure not unlike the style which can be seen in the MacNab enclosure on Inchbuie. These are marked for future attention. It is important to locate any grave stones among the years of accumulated debris, as a safety measure, since when cutting limbs off the trees a safe footing is required as the stabilising ropes are hand held to lower the severed branches.   This is a major commitment for the local Lodge Members and it was not entered into lightly. When all the trees have been taken out and the grass brought to a controllable level, it will be much easier to keep tidy. This will become a place cleared of unwanted debris and self seeded trees, and where locals and visitors can wander among our predecessors and muse as to what they contributed to the community all those years ago. Already family connections from overseas have visited the cemetery and commented on the work in hand especially when being able to take clear photos of the graves.  It is gratifying that the Lodge has contact with families and they know that the old graves are not forgotten. Donations have been received from visitors, who were just having a look round, for which we thank them.



New Year Dance



Another year looms and the annual dance beckons on New Year’s Night Tuesday 1st January 2019. The Lodge Members are fully aware of the responsibility of trying to ensure everyone enjoys the festive occasion in a family atmosphere. However there is concern with alcohol abuse and younger revellers getting a bit out of control. Those of legal mature age have an obligation to ensure the younger members in any company do not get access to any alcohol and they enjoy the evening in the company of family and friends. The law is quite clear on the age at which alcohol in any form can be consumed, and if any person has obviously had a bit too much they can be asked to leave or not be allowed access thus their presence will not spoil the evening for anyone. Ticket costs have been stable for a few years but inevitably an increase has had to be made, thus ensuring there are some funds available for local causes. Adult £10; Concession £8 and a Family of two Adults and two Concessions £28 with additions allowed pro rata. These are available from Bobby Lafferty on 01567 820854; Alex Stewart on 01567 820224 and from News First.



2018 Community Auction



Easter Saturday 31st March 2018 is the day of the annual Community Auction. The generosity of the public never ceases to amaze with all kinds of individual items and boxes of assorted bits and pieces, being offered even part house clearances all make the event successful. Without your help there would not be a fun auction, which raises funds and makes for an enjoyable night out.  Donations have been made to many organisations to help with a variety of causes covering all ages in communities from Killin to Dalmally, the area from which we draw our members. So with this advance reminder when you are clearing out the shed or garage or the attic and come across long forgotten items unused for many years, remember these could bring a few pounds to go towards worthy causes.