Visiting in Freemasonry



One of the benefits in Freemasonry is visiting other Lodges & those Lodges coming to visit you and meeting other Freemasons.

Throughout the ages brethren have moved around the country and local areas, often when doing so they look for local Lodges to visit and introduce not only themselves but there respective Mother Lodges this in turn widens the fraternal brotherhood.


Breadalbane St Fillans no815 has a great tradition of visiting other Lodges not only within Scotland & the UK but overseas as well when the opportunity arises, we also welcomes visitors on a regular basis not just from near but far as well with guests from the USA, Europe and other areas of the world introducing themselves to us and attending our meeting " with a little harmony after"


So if you are visiting the area why not drop us a message via the Contact Us.






Lodge Eardulph visit to Breadalbane St Fillans 815